Announcement of the participants to the South Korea World Championship

At the Competition training of the ITF Royal Dutch at  Nieuwegein on Sunday, May 2nd, coach John van Dam Announced the names of the competitors who are due to travel to South Korea to participate in the World Championship.
These World Championships will take place from July 4 to July 8, 2010 in Cheongju.
Not only the selected members are training hard for this World Cup, but four other members of the foundation are also training with the selection. These competitors go at their own expense to participate in the upcoming World Cup. In addition, two other  members of the Dutch Taekwon-Do Federation in cooperation with the ITF Royal Dutch will also participate in the World Cup. The group members are under the guidance of coach John van Dam, with assistance from federal trainer Ad Dekker. From the board of Royal Dutch ITF its chairman and vice chairman Hennie Thijssen and Master Steve Zondag will also be present in South Korea. Arie Prins of TTA Houten will go along with the Royal Dutch group as a supporter.

ITF Royal Dutch selection consists of:
Euclid Brito de Carvalho, Carvalho Sports Team
Laetitia van Garderen, Suokjang
Melanie Evers, Suokjang
Kevin van Weert, TS Dekker
Further participants:
Martin van Straaten, Suokjang
Otto Elzele, Suokjang
Jair Sten Green, Carvalho Team Sports
Bilal Nafid, Yong Choi
The participants of DTF are:
Marcel Hildering
Arie de Witte